Bad news adjustment letter sample

Compensation is one factor in motivating employees and driving performance, and salary conversations are often coupled with performance reviews.

Employees who receive an "atta-boy" from the boss may expect a salary increase to follow. Doling out the bad news to a worthy subordinate that his paycheck will not be getting fatter in the near future is no easy feat. These salary discussions require tact and a bit of empathy. Begin the discussion by explaining to the employee the specific reason for the salary freeze.

For example, due to economic conditions, a company may decide to forego increases for a designated period. If this is the case, a manager can talk about the need for the employee to continue performing above expectations as the business moves through lean times.

Employees at the top of a pay grade receive compensation well above market average. Often, corporate policy prohibits further increases until market conditions change or the employee is moved into another pay grade.

bad news adjustment letter sample

Under these circumstances, review the compensation structure to help the employee gain a clear understanding. Limiting salary increases eventually affects retention. Make this more palatable by sharing information regarding the opportunity for another salary review. If moving up the career ladder means additional training, talk about the possibility of cross-training with another employee to gain the expertise.

Bad News Letter Sample

During the compensation discussion, a manager can soften the impact of a zero salary increase by expressing gratitude for a job well done. Discuss the overall responsibilities of the department and detail the particular talents he brings to the team. Another strategy when dealing with employees who get passed up for an increase is to find creative ways to say thank you that may not involve the salary budget. If possible, offer an extra vacation day, a more flexible schedule, or telecommuting, if the employee would view that as a benefit.

Consider presenting any available perquisite such as a cell phone, a discount gym membership or movie tickets. Make the employee a part of the solution by inviting suggestions for a creative non-monetary option to offset a raise.

bad news adjustment letter sample

Jan Simon is a career and life coach with more than 20 years of experience in corporate human resources. She holds a bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University. Simon enjoys writing career articles and is a columnist for the CV Weekly. She also publishes a weekly blog called Life on the Sunny Side. Skip to main content. The Big Picture Begin the discussion by explaining to the employee the specific reason for the salary freeze.

Examine the Future Limiting salary increases eventually affects retention.

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Show Appreciation During the compensation discussion, a manager can soften the impact of a zero salary increase by expressing gratitude for a job well done. Non-Monetary Compensation Another strategy when dealing with employees who get passed up for an increase is to find creative ways to say thank you that may not involve the salary budget.A pay freeze is a great tactic for organizations looking to improve their bottom line.

It is a policy that your human resources team will create that states no employees will receive a salary increase during the freeze. This means that during performance reviews, your organization will not give out any raises. Whether that raise be for performance or a cost of living increase.

Your freeze may have exceptions for different situations. For example, your policy could institute an executive approval process to increase the salary of a top performer that would otherwise leave the organization.

Organizations typically institute a pay freeze when they are having financial difficulties. It is a less drastic measure than having a layoff eventso many companies implement this before any other type of cost saving measure. Well, you will want to write this letter with the most clear and precise language possible. Be direct, but also be empathetic. To start your no salary increase letter, explain the current financial climate and the steps that your team has taken to analyze options for improving your financial situation.

This will help give your employees context as to why no merit raises will be given. Next, announce that you will not being giving out salary increases this year. Explain that you know how this will impact everyone and their families to show empathy.

Announce Bad News to Employees • Letter Examples and Guide

This empathy will make your organization appear less cold and help your employees understand the weight of this action. Finally, in your no salary increase letter explain that your team has reviewed several other options and this was the best one, with the least amount of impact overall on employees.

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You should then let your employees know what the steps will be after this pay freeze, too. For example, you should say how company financials will be reviewed it could be a good idea to give a cadence hereand if salary increases will be given out if the financial situation improves at any of these checkpoints.

This is one of the most important points in your no salary increase letter, as it will give direction to your employees that will motivate them to continue working hard. Finally, make sure that you thank your employees for their hard work in your no salary increase letter, and let them know that if they have questions that they can speak with a human resources representative.

Letting your employees know that you appreciate them will go a long way during a stressful financial time.

How to Inform Employees They Did a Good Job but Get No Salary Increase

It will help them stay engaged at work, which could eliminate any employees from jumping ship from your organization. One of the biggest pros of instituting a pay freeze is the low impact that it has on your employees. As I said earlier, it is less drastic than a layoff, so the impact to your employer brand and employee morale will be minimized.

While you will still have some disgruntled employees, it will be less so than instituting a large reduction event. While instituting a pay freeze does make less waves than other events, it is not without its own issues.

If your company is struggling to financially succeed, your organization will need its top performers to put in extra work to ensure future success. The problem with a pay freeze is that it discourages your top performers from staying at the company long term to ensure this success. Your top performers need incentive to stay because they are definitely getting interest from other organizations for open positions.

But, if they are rattled about the stability of the organization over the long run because of these pay freezes, they might be willing to pursue these opportunities. And here is the bad news: your top performers carry the organization.Giving good news is a very easy thing to do in an email or letter, unfortunately giving bad news isn't. No matter how you write it, people are not going to be happy when reading it.

What Is an Adjustment Letter?

But there are ways to prevent that unhappiness turning into resentment or even anger and damaging a relationship or losing a customer. In addition, depending on both the situation and if you are to blame, you can either offer some form of compensation, an alternative or a possible solution to their problem. It is also important where you say the things and how you say them. Read the following two business emails where bad news is being given.

In the first, a customer is being informed by a bank that their credit card has been cancelled by mistake. In the second, one work colleague is informing another that they are not going to help them to do something that they had promised.

Then do the quiz at the end to check if you are right. I regret to inform you that due to a mistake on our computer system, your credit card account with ourselves has been cancelled. As a resultyou will not be able to use the credit card. I apologise on behalf of our company for this situation happening. Unfortunatelydue to banking regulations we are not legally able to change your account's status from cancelled to active. In order to change the status to active, you will have to reapply for the credit card account again.

Once you have done this, we will re-issue you with a new card as quickly as we can. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email on jbeever bankcards. I'm afraid I won't be able to help you to do the report for the holiday park. Something very important has just come up and for the next two weeks I'm going to have to focus all my attention on it.

I appreciate that it's very late to tell you that I can't help you and I can only apologise for that. Have you thought about asking Karen Taylor to help? She has experience of writing these types of reports. Click on the "Check Answers" button at the bottom of the quiz to check your answers.It's always a pleasure to give clients good news, but not all news can be good.

When it's time to send a negative business letter to a client, it's important to do what you can to keep your relationship positive even if the message itself isn't. When writing a bad-news letter, you need to focus on maintaining the best possible relationship with the client, showing that the decision was fair and stating the bad news as clearly and succinctly as possible. Open the letter thanking the client for their business, before announcing the bad news and offering any possible solutions.

The goal of this section is to let the client know that you value their patronage and would like to maintain your positive relationship.

You don't want to sugarcoat the bad news, use euphemisms that make it difficult to understand what happened or explain more than is necessary.

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Also, do not apologize excessively. Instead, succinctly explain what happened, how it affected the client and apologize. Remember that your client's time is valuable and they only want to know what happened and why. As a result, you may have noticed incorrect fees or balances on your account. When things go wrong, it's important to offer something positive to the client to minimize the blow.

Don't lie or exaggerate something in an insincere way to try to make things better — your positive doesn't have to be major. For example, if the client was denied credit, you wouldn't want to infer that a mistake may have occurred or try to console the client that their credit is good, just not what your company was looking for. In the meantime, we have a wide array of financial services that may benefit you.

If you have to discontinue your relationship, you can refer the client to a reputable competitor or notify them that you may take them on again at a later time. You can contact him to schedule a free consultation by calling If the bad news was the result of a problem within your company, tell the client how the problem is being rectified, even if that just means stating that the employee responsible will be disciplined or that you have since updated your software.

Your account has since been reopened, and we have refunded all fees associated with the closure. We are also implementing a system that will make account closures more difficult, to prevent accounts from being accidentally closed in the future. Jill Harness is a blogger with experience researching and writing on all types of subjects including business topics. She specializes in writing SEO content for private clients, particularly attorneys. You can find out more about Jill's experience and learn how to contact her through her website, www.

Share It.Lucia Dear Mr. Carter Thank you for all the Good work you have put into the company for the past 2 years, you have been a wonderful employee always willing to go the extra mile and look professional while doing it however Im afraid were going to have to let you go.

We are not doing this because you have done something wrong, it is because currently the hotel is going through financial constraints cuts have to be made which include staff cuts.

Each department has it share of cuts but in your case the reason for letting you go is because you brought in as an assistant plumber in the time of peak occupancy. Right now occupancy is at the lowest we have recorded in the hotels history and your assistance is no longer needed. We are really sorry to inform you of this but it must be done. What we recommend is you start applying at other institutions for employment, your final pay check is processed and is ready for pickup.

It was nice having you and we wish you the best in your endeavor. Regards Mrs. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Bad News Letter Sample. Uploaded by furion2x. Document Information click to expand document information Description: For you business writing persons here is a good bad news letter.

Date uploaded May 24, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: For you business writing persons here is a good bad news letter.Sometimes it's necessary to send bad news: turn down a request, refuse someone a job, announce a change in policy that may not be to everyone's liking.

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Keep in mind, though, your purpose, when sending a negative message, is ironically not to give bad news but to create goodwill around the bad news. We come back to the "conflict" idea, a driving force in business communication: two opposed ideas must be fairly presented then somehow reconciled. Effective bad news messages follow a four-part sequence: greeting, explanation, the bad news itself, and a closing action.

These can readily be arranged in four paragraphs though sometimes it's convenient to run the middle paragraphs together, as long as the paragraph isn't too long.

The advantage of this sequence - which puts the bad news later in the message - is, the bad news is, as we'll see, put on the backburner. Your message should open with some form of brief, friendly "welcome. This is a chance to personalize the message, so the reader feels the situation's being treated seriously, honestly, proactively, while also getting a strong, positive image of you and your organization. This is your opportunity to take the reader behind the scenes of your organization, show you have procedures to deal with problems that arise.

You might introduce the reader to members of your staff, give your organization "a face," or describe a procedure in place to benefit everyone. Remember, there are good reasons why bad things happen, so if you're tracking down a problem, here's a chance to show you're "going to work" for the customer.

Now's the time to give the bad news, quickly, cleanly, factually, whether this is a refusal, rejection, etc. There are, though, ways of taking the spotlight off bad news: keep it short, or embed it in a sentence or paragraph that also features positive information, or use the passive voice. If your explanation's convincing, your reader will more be likely accept it - remember the difference between short - and long-term: customers may accept present pain for later gain.

Face the future: end your message by offering the reader an alternative benefit, or invite further contact with your organization at a later date. You might provide some concrete incentive, in the form of a freebie couponor inclusion on a mailing list, or a subscription to a newsletter. At any rate, you should leave a strong impression in the reader's mind at the end that there are very good reasons to stay a customer.

Good news letter ##bad news letter

The following claim letter crosses your desk:. Two months ago my best friend gave me a CD player for my birthday. The first time I tried to play it I couldn't get a sound out of it.

bad news adjustment letter sample

I don't know what was wrong. It just kept making a clicking sound but no music. I asked at the appliance department at Allen and Jordan's if they could fix it and the p erson I talked to said no but recommended you. I'm sad to say I followed their advice, which is the worst thing I could've done. When I dropped it off I was told the repairs would probably take a week.

I phoned a week later and it wasn't done. The next week the person on the phone said the whole unit had been shipped to the manufacturer in Ontario. She didn't know when it'd be back.

I phoned the manufacturer and left a message, but no one got back to me. Now it's a month later, I'm still waiting, and I'm writing to get my money back from you for my CD player.

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I also expect you to reimburse me for the long distance calls I. This was a gift from a personal friend and I resent that I haven't gotten any pleasure out of it, due entirely to your incompetence. I expect complete satisfaction on this or I will tell my friends never to do business with you.We regret to inform to you that due to the current economic recession, the management has decided that you that we will not be giving Diwali bonus to our employees this year.

We find this action necessary in order for us to cut costs due the recent market scenario. We understand that this will create some difficulties for you during this festive period but we believe that taking this step is far better than laying off several employees or cutting down salary or benefits. With your help this will be only a temporary setback. Should any other changes arise, we will inform you. We have experienced downturns before and rebounded perfectly well.

We are confident this slump will improve as the next financial begins. Your continued excellent work shall surely allow our company to recover from our current situation very soon.

The management has decided that we shall have to reduce our employees in order to cut down the expenses of the company. We have strived to our best intensity to avoid this circumstance but now that there is no other way we could stabilize our financial crisis, we are sorry to inform you that we will have to terminate the jobs of a number of our employees working in various departments.

We are mainly looking forward to terminate the positions that are being held by freshers, part-time employees and interns. However, we shall also have to terminate the jobs of some of our full-time employees who have been with us for some time from now and contributed their work towards the good of our company.

We are grateful to you all for your endeavours and diligence towards your work with our company. We shall appreciate if you cooperate with us in this time of obscurity. We assure you that it is only a permanent measure and we hope to be back into profitable business soon. Once our situation stabilizes and we look for new employees, you shall be the first one we will contact. The company shall assist you in getting a new job with our business contacts and is also ready to support you with subordinate pays until you secure a new job.

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